We would like to inform you that our hotel will open on 12/07/2020, and operate according to the Greek Government Hygienic Protocol for Covid-19: “Greece Health First”, which was published in the law with reference number 1881 / 29-5-20 / Β2084.

Due to the Covid situation, only for this summer our hotel will operate with the following changes in facilities and services:

Additionally, we would require from them the following:

– To complete the countries that they visited the last 14 days.

– The purpose of their visit.

– If they had a contact with a patient from Covid-19 or a person suspected to have Covid-19 during the last 14 days.

Check-in at 15:00, Check- out at 10.00.

Guests are welcome to request a different time and we will try to do our best to help them.


Breakfast will be served at the bar, or restaurant external sitting areas.


Will be served in the hotel restaurant, guests will have a choice between 2 meals.

Will operate normally according to the hygiene and social distancing measures. Check-in and check-out will be on a space outside, if the weather permits it.

Will operate from 07:30 to 22:00, for the remaining hours there will an emergency number for guests to contact a person who will be available at the hotel.

During 07:30 to 22:00 guests will be advised to call from the room for any information or help they may need.

Will operate normally according to the hygiene and social distancing measures.

For the use of the pool a swimming cap is required.

The pool-bar will also continue to offer snacks during the lunch time.

Will operate normally according to the hygiene and social distancing measures.

Will operate according to the Greek protocol, and the DAN insurance instructions, (Dive Alert Network).

Will operate normally according to the hygiene measures.

Will operate normally according to the hygiene and social distancing measures, with two schedules from the hotel to Samos town, and one schedule from Samos town to the hotel.

There will not be a daily cleaning service. Change of bed linen and towels will be every 3 days, or on specified days, by arrangement with the guests. In case an additional room cleaning is needed, this will be possible to be arranged on spot. In case additional towels or bed linen are required this will be possible through the reception.

Will not operate during the whole season, as it is a high health risk. Fans will be available on request.

Some of our rooms have independent air-conditioning units which are advised not to be used, only on guest responsibility.​

To enable guests to arrange their issues online, all guests will have free wifi internet access. Also, through the hotel’s wifi network, guests can access all information about the new hotel operations, pool-bar price lists, and general alerts.

Will operate normally according to the hygiene and social distancing measures.

Will not operate.

At the moment according to the Greek law we are not allowed to operate them, in case it is allowed later on, we will inform you if we will open it depending on the operational protocol that will be announced.

Will not be available.

The hotel will not take any responsibility for alternative accommodation of the in-House guests. Also, any compensation will not be given, only to in-house guests for the nights that they will not be able to stay. In such case, we would be happy to help in-house guests to find alternative accommodation, or to extend the stay for a few more nights until they arrange a new accommodation, accepting the new conditions and rules for staying in the hotel.

In such a case,

guests that have already booked in our hotel for a future date that the hotel will be closed and have paid a deposit, the deposit will be refunded in full. Also, if they still want to visit Samos, we can help them to find a new hotel.

According to the above protocol, he must accept to be examined by the hotel’s doctor and make the appropriate virus test. Until the results are announced he and any companions staying in the same or different room, must stay in their rooms.

Αccording to the above protocol, he must be transferred to a specified hotel for Covid cases (assigned by the Greek authorities), on his own responsibility and means. The cost of the remaining nights in our hotel will be charged in full.

The full amount of the initial booking will be charged and no refunds will be given.

All guests must follow the hotel instructions, hygiene and social distancing protocols.


The hotel has the right to change all the above anytime without any further notice, and obligation of compensation in case of cancelations.

We wish you all a nice and safe summer season.

Take care and keep safe.