Rest & restore - Yoga Retreat

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13-15 July 2018 _____________________________________________________________ Hit the pause button and thgrough our practice balance and calm back into your being. The calmness of the nature and the sea view in this magnifiscent hotel will allow you to take the 100% of the benefits from the practice. _____________________________________________________________ Highlits. | 8 hours of Yoga herbal teas & smoothies during the workshop at the bar + nutricious sesame bars vegeterian choices at the menu. _____________________________________________________________ Morning sessions for energizing body and mind. | Our morning practice will begin with Pranayama and Hatha Slow Flow practice. Medditation included. I teach you strength, stability and alignment. Body, mind and spirit in the perfect harmony. _____________________________________________________________ Evening sessions for relaxing. | Our evening sessions include Restorative Practice with Yin details and Yoga Nidra. Gentle movement followed by supported postures, I help you encourage the nervous systemto slow down allowing you to recharge physically and emotionally. _____________________________________________________________ Our instructor /Maro Georgatou. | I start practicing yoga 18 years ago and still I feel like a student every time I am on my mat. I was trained in different styles such as traditional Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Prenatal and Kid Yoga. I was trained in different places and inspired from many teachers from all over the world. In this 3 days retreat I my intention is to meet each student where they are at and provide a sacred space for them to feel and awaken to whatever is present in any given moment. To encourage them to breathe with their experience without judgment or expectation. Yoga can be very healing to an overwhelmed mind and heart and it also reminds us to savor the joy and sweetness of life. I think anyone can benefit from that type of energy! _____________________________________________________________ Participation cost 70€